AMP 2016

The party

Preparations for the X World Congress of Psychoanalysis' Party, with so much to celebrate, are already at full steam! This year we also celebrate 20 years of the Escola Brasileira de Psicanálise. After these two decades, we look back and celebrate the determined and successful work that each one with their desire and their mark could build, transmit and deposit into this device that Lacan creates and names as the School. With the passion of that renovated desire to make the School exist, we launch in the preparations for the celebration of the World Congress of Psychoanalysis!

The place of the 2016 party - the Iate Clube, nailed to the incredible Urca hill - was the scenery to the V Brazilian Meeting of the Freudian Field's party, in 1995, when the Escola Brasileira de Psicanálise was formally founded. Today, twenty years later, we prepare there, with lots of enthusiasm, the party that will close the works of the X World Congress, on April 29.

Every detail has been thought out and prepared to receive you all with all the carioca bossa: the environment with wonderful views, full of swing music, delicious appetizers and much more are already receiving a party mood around here. Bring your joie de vivre, your charm and borogodó as we expect you with open arms!

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