Bibliospeaking aims to be an instrument that, knowing how inexhaustible is the mine that it seeks to explore, offers itself as an object for those who wish to make use of it. Working groups, constituted in the five most commonly spoken languages of the Freudian Field, will take the signifier speaking being (parlêtre) as their shared compass of investigation.

Each working group will pursue the fine extension of the articulation of speaking being with other signifiers that arise in the course of the investigation: Body, RSI, Sinthome, Unconscious and Escabeau, are some of those already identified.

The proposal is to choose the precise citation that can help to orient readings from Freud to the most contemporary of the authors who address the speaking body. A bibliography for explorers, as Jacques-Alain Miller indicated in his opening conference.

Leading up to the Congress, there will be a publication produced in two stages, (the first one in july, the final one in January) in flipbook format, chosen for its interactive potential, as a support that allows the journey that each one is going to make with the material that is to be singularised.

We thank the colleagues named here, stemming from all the Schools of the AMP, for their willingness to embark on this voyage.

Marcela Antelo



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