Site of the Meeting

April in Rio de Janeiro

Psychoanalysis leads us to encounter surprises, in what emerges and what is new. The Welcoming Committee of the 10th WAP Congress has as its aim to be no different. 

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Our purpose is to welcome you and host you, and to introduce and celebrate the city that will hold the 10th AMP Congress. We have started to work on the ways in which to welcome the participants to Rio de Janeiro. Motivated by the psychoanalytic cause and captivated by the WAP's orientation to Lacan, the participants will come from 14 different countries. 

From the moment of arrival, and including the pauses and intervals of the Congress, we intend to present Rio in its cultural, artistic and scenic diversity. In addition, we intend to produce events that relate to the fundamental work of the 10th WAP Congress. We will provide a GPS to show tours, and recommend routes for sightseeing and exploring. 

We will be sending out an invitation for each participant to get involved in the tour. It will put them in touch with images of the city, tourist spots and historical buildings. In addition, they will get to know the various rhythms of Brazilian music, as well as performance groups who use their bodies to create unexpected visual displays through dance, theatre and other types of performance. Participants will be able to taste the various flavors of Brazilian cuisine and walk through the city - a place where people mix and move between the road, the beach and the dance floor, both in predictable and unpredictable ways. 

Our aim - amongst the tours that we are creating for you to follow, in this city that is framed by mountains and the sea, and which in 2016 celebrates 451 years - is to contribute to the creation of new directions for psychoanalysis in the 21st century. 

We will shortly send information about flights and accommodation, in addition to news about the three subcommittees that make up the welcoming committee: party, events and tourism. 

See you soon and warm regards!

Maria da Glória Rocha Maron

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